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Criminal Law Case Results 

In Nassau County, for one client charged with Aggravated Driving While Intoxicated with a B.A.C. of .21 and Driving While Intoxicated, each an unclassified misdemeanor, Speed Not Reasonable and Prudent, a traffic infraction carrying three [3] points, Following Too Closely, a traffic infraction carrying four [4] points, and Moving From Lane Unsafely, a traffic infraction carrying three [3] points, after causing a three car accident on a parkway, we arranged for the client to plea guilty to only one [1] misdemeanor, with a sentence of no jail and no probation.

In Nassau County, for one client accused of stealing approximately $8,000 who was facing up to seven [7] years in prison, we arranged for a non-criminal disposition with a sentence that did not involve any period of incarceration or probation.

In Suffolk County, for one client facing criminal prosecution for a misdemeanor driving while intoxicated offense, we arranged for the case to be resolved with a speeding ticket, a minor traffic infraction carrying only three [3] points and a $150 fine.

In Manhattan County on March 22, 2018, for one client charged with Forgery in the 2nd degree, a class D felony, Criminal Possession of a Forged Instrument in the 2nd degree, a class D felony, and Grand Larceny in the 4th degree, a class E felony, involving $35,000.00, we arranged to have this matter adjourned in contemplation of dismissal pursuant to section 170.55 of the Criminal Procedure Law, conditioned upon completing thirty five [35] hours of community service.  An adjournment in contemplation of dismissal is an adjournment of a criminal action with a view to ultimate dismissal of the accusatory instrument[s] in furtherance of justice, in this case within a six [6] month period of time, and the law provides that upon the granting of such an order, the arrest and prosecution shall be deemed a nullity and the defendant restored, in contemplation of law, to the status he occupied before his arrest and prosecution.

In Queens County, for one client charged with Use Of A Portable Electronic Device, a traffic infraction carrying five [5] points, we secured a Not Guilty verdict after a hearing in the Traffic and Parking Violation Agency, Queens County North.

In Nassau County, for one client charged with four [4] counts of Criminal Possession of a Controlled, a class B Felony, for two separate incidents, we arranged for them to enter a plea of guilty to Disorderly Conduct, a violation of the New York State Penal Law §240.20(7), a violation and not a crime. (Dispo/sent on November 16, 2018.)