It's The People That Matter

 Speeding (MPH over posted limit)  
 1 to 10 3
 11 to 20 4
 21 to 30 6
 31 to 40 8
 Over 40 11
 Reckless driving 5
 Failed to stop for school bus 5
 Improper cell phone use 5
 Use of portable electronic device “ texting” 5
 Railroad crossing violation 5
 Failed to yield right-of-way 3
 Red light 3
 Disobeying traffic control signal, STOP sign or YIELD sign 3
 Improper passing, changing lane unsafely 3
 Driving left to center, in wrong direction 3
 Leaving scene of property damage incident 3
 Child safety restraint violation 3
 Inadequate Brakes (employer’s vehicle) 2
 Most other moving violations 2
 Failure to signal 2
 Improper turn 2
 Disobeying a traffic control device 2
 Tinted window 0
 No seatbelt driver/passenger 16 years or older 0
 Unregistered 0
 Unlicensed 0
 Uninspected 0
 Faulty equipment 0



















Drivers Responsibility Assessment

  • if a driver receives 6 or more points on their NYS driving record in 18 months, you must pay a Drivers Responsibility Assessment Fee.

Points and Insurance Reduction Program

Taking a DMV approved Point and Insurance Reduction Program (PIRP) course will:

  • help prevent you from losing your license in the event you accrued 11 or more points on your driving record
  • 4 points are “subtracted” for the purposes of calculating a suspension if you have 11 or more points
  • the ticket/points do not physically come off your driving record
  • Save 10 percent on your automobile liability and collision insurance premiums

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